Real Time Location Technologies
Scalable Real Time Locating Systems

Sun International Enterprise Solutions offers a broad range of scalable Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) used to generate accurate, real-time information about the physical location and status of your asset. Our technologies include the wireless hardware, network  and real-time software components that make up each of these main types of passive and active RFID technologies from our Enterprise Solutions.

ISO/IEC 24730-1 and 2
Since its introduction, the ISO 24730- 1 and 2 real time locating system are the technical standard for real-time locating systems that operate at an internationally available 2.4 GHz frequency. The ISO 24730 standards are defined in sound system specifications for either lateration, trilateration, multi-lateration, angulation, triangulation or multi-angulation or any hybrid approaches to trigonometric computing for planar or spherical models of a terrestrial area. It provides a scalable solution for enterprise-wide tracking of assets inside and outside a facility. Highly regarded for its flexible RTLS infrastructure and long range location coverage, the ISO 24730 RTLS technology provides you with end-to-end supply chain asset tracking visibility that can be "application matched" from high resolution three dimension X-Y-Z coordinate positioning and tracking to basic presence detection.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
  Our Enterprise Solutions utilize Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to enable fast, accurate location of personnel and equipment in indoor and outdoor environments. Built on the core UWB capabilities of the well-established UWB product line, our UWB based technologies deliver major improvements in a world-wide platform, system robustness and ease of use. Our UWB  technologies also includes a full set of location products certified for use in potentially hazardous and explosive environments as defined by the ATEX Directive in Europe.

Patented Middleware Platform
Our Enterprise Solutions are built on our core technology, patented RTLS Middleware Platform. It is an innovative, powerful software platform that helps provide network visibility and control, process automation and business collaboration for solutions across the energy and utility value chain. The platform enables a process engine of configurable business space-time logic and flexible adapters for various data collection interfaces, which allow the platform easily customized for all industry applications.