Sun International Enterprise Solutions

Sun International Enterprise Solutions extend wireless location  reach beyond passive RFID by employing state-of-the-art software, hardware and wireless network solutions to locate, track, monitor, manage, and optimize high-value assets, equipment and people on a manufacture floor or across the world. Whether tracking containers through a port, monitoring assembly process on the floor for QoS control, optimizing manufacturing parts for efficiency, or managing parts and equipments at a construction site, the real-time asset management solutions from the combination of RFID, wireless network and patented middleware software Solutions provide improved visibility and velocity to gain measurable business improvements for various industries, such as nuclear industry, manufacture and transportation around the world.

Utilizing products that are based on ISO/IEC 24730-2, Cisco CCX Wi-Fi, precision GPS, GSM/CMDA and 4G mobile network and UWB technologies, Sun International Enterprise Solutions offer a wide range of location solutions that are application-matched, enabling its customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time.

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