Enterprise RTLS Solutions for Industrial  Process Management

What if you could identify mismatch between your design and implementation in real time,  free up more floor space for industrial manufacturing production, notify quality control personal when inventory levels are low and ensure that the right parts in the right quantities are always moving to the right location, and keep suppliers informed of the proper times for delivering parts to the plant, all in real-time? You could lower the likelihood of wrong execution of assembly equipments and  stock-outs leading to reduced manufacturing line-stoppages, over all cost and increase throughput.

Sun International RTLS Enterprise Solutions is focused on delivering integrated industrial process management software and hardware solutions to help you locate, track, manage and optimize your most valuable materials and equipment to keep manufacturing costs low and quality high across your business functioning areas. Utilizing telematics and location technologies that are based on ISO/IEC 24730-2, Cisco CCX Wi-Fi, precision GPS, 3G and 4G mobile network and Ultra-Wideband, Our Enterprise Solutions offers you a broad range of real-time asset management solutions that are "application matched," enabling you to eliminate costly manufacturing process missteps and delays, enhance over all operational efficiency and asset utilization.

With Sun International RTLS Enterprise Solutions you can create total visibility within your manufacturing process to drive efficient manufacturing process management and execution in a work-safe environment in real time.

  • Ensure how correctly your assembly line operators following QoS and Control process.
  • Reduce material loss and/or on-hand inventory with Assembly and Design Match,Tracking and Management Solution
  • Manage your critical parts and equipments  for greater productivity and process controls with our Equipment Real Time Location Management Solution

RTLS and RFID Solutions and Benefits

The process improvements and bottom-line benefits that RFID can provide are significant:
  • Improves speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons and containers
  • Increases speed and efficiency with fewer errors throughout the entire assembly process
  • Helps reduce stock levels and operating cost
  • Improves inventory management and provides for more efficient picking operations due to real-time inventory, routing and movement information
  • Improves efficiencies for work-in-process (WIP) reporting
  • Improves inventory visibility to feed just-in-time (JIT) systems