SUN International, A global Real Time Location System (RTLS), RFID Wireless Technology and Service Provider

Delivering integrated solutions that combine wireless and location technologies with the deepest domain expertise to locate, track, monitor, manage and optimize equipment and people in real time from anywhere. Our advanced technologies and solutions can help your industry enjoying the Internet of Thing (IOT).

Our patented RTLS Enterprise Solutions using WiFi, RFID, GPS,and mobile networks are focused on delivering integrated solutions for complex, high-value and location sensitive enterprise challenges.  We employ sophisticated technologies (hardware, software, wireless network and services) to locate, track, monitor, manage and optimize high-value  equipment and people any time when you need.

Using RFID and mobile network technologies in our RTLS solutions can cover small and large areas, provide increased efficiency, security and visibility into a company's business processes in cross site and country scale, and make you company more profitable. SUN International RTLS technologies and solutions empower your company with efficient real time location information of any object important to your business.